The Cookbook called ” Frankie’s Libro Di Cucina”

(Available Now!!!)The Perrone family of Maggie Valley, N.C., has been serving Italian comfort food to friends and family in American restaurants for more than 40 years. Now they’re putting all of that experience into a fund-raising effort as part of National Autism Awareness Month. During April, Frank and Louis Perrone, award-winning father and son chef/proprietors of Frankie’s Trattoria, will be sharing their legendary recipes in a cookbook called Frankie’s Libro di Cucina — Reminiscing and Cooking with Frank “The Kid” Perrone. All proceeds from sales of the book will help fund Richie’s Alliance for Autism and support the Olsen Huff Center of Mission Children’s Hospital in Western North Carolina. Books are available at Frankie’s Front Desk or by mail. As the Perrone’s would say, Chi manga bene, vive bene! (Who eats well, lives well!)


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