Where true Italian meets the great smokies.

Classic American Beer

$3.25 Budweiser

16 oz Aluminum Bottle

$3.25 Bud Light

16 oz Aluminum Bottle

$3.25 Michelob Ultra

16 oz Aluminum Bottle

$3.25 Miller Light

12oz Glass bottle

$3.25 Odouls-non-alcoholic

$3.25 Yuengling-Traditional Lager

12oz Glass bottle

$3.25 Belgian White – Shock Top Brewing CO.

St Louis, MO 12oz glass

American Crafted Beer

4$ Hi-Wire Brewing, BED OF NAILS, BrownAle

Asheville, NC

$4 Hi Wire Brewing, HI PITCH, I P A

Asheville, NC

$6.75 Boojum Brewing Co. DOUBLE- I P A

Waynesville NC ,16 oz can

$5 Boojum Brewing Co. GRAVEYARD FIELDS, Blueberry Coffee Porter

Waynesville, NC, 12oz can

$6.75 Frog Level Brewing Co. SALAMANDER SLAM, India Pale Ale 16 oz can

Waynesville NC,

$5 Frog Level Brewing Co. LILYS CREAM BOY ALE

Waynesville NC, 12 oz can

Import Beer

$4.50 Stella Artois – Belgium

$4.50 Peroni – Italy